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Vibrance Dentistry offers a full range of Dental Services using a whole health approach, to ensure that your body is as healthy as your best accessory, Your Smile.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry is one of Dr. Cate’s passions where she can take a whole health (biological) approach to your dental health.  It can address several issues such as headache (migraine pain), neck and back pain which may be attributed to a bad bite.  We use Neuromuscular Dentistry to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

If you suffer from ground down and worn teeth or jaw pain and headaches we will customize a treatment plan to restore your smile back to proper form and function.  The result being a beautiful, healthy smile without pain.


To relax facial and neck muscles to find your ideal bite and treat TMJ K-7 computerized jaw tracking- Used to verify the ideal bite for severe TMD cases and PPM mouthguards.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry a high tech advance in dental technology.  We use the laser for all aspects of our dentistry; gum therapy, restorative care and cosmetic enhancements.  It allows for surgery without a scalpel and enhances patient comfort and healing.

Digital X-rays

80% less radiation than conventional x rays.

Laser Cavity Detection

We use the Diagnodent to find cavities before they are large enough to be detected visually allowing our dentistry to be far more conservative.