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At Vibrance, we believe strongly that dentistry is not "one size fits all" and that there are many patients looking for a biological approach to their dentistry.  We have an open mind and we will work with your wishes and coordinate care with your holistic providers to help you achieve the level of health you desire.


Holistic Dentistry

Our commitment to Holistic and Biological dentistry ensures that your visit will leave you feeling better, looking better and living better.  A whole health approach means that we take a closer look at any health issues that you may be experiencing and determine whether their is a connection between that and your dental health.

Digital X-rays

 Digital X-rays are more comfortable and we get an instant image of your teeth. They are also environmentally friendly because we do not need to use toxic chemicals to develop films, and they use 80% less radiation than conventional x rays.

Safe Mercury/Amalgam Filling Removal

Many Naturopaths and Holistic providers refer their patients to Dr. Cate to remove their mercury containing metal/amalgam fillings.  Dr. Cate will use a rubber dam, if requested, to remove the old fillings to prevent swallowing of the metal and utilize high speed evacuation to safely remove the debris.  We offer Oxygen therapy for those concerned with the mercury vapor.  Our office is equipped with an amalgam separator to keep the mercury out of the local water system.